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About cheese dairy

Sujet posté le 06/02/2010 à 09H49 par joueur_124611_2
JOUEUR_124611_2 06/02/2010 à 09H49
Hi! I constructed my cheese dairy something like a year ago (SA time). That time I was so stupid that I did not take the training, wich would rise my stats to 300 points. Well, it says that I get 240 points when starting.

I only got 237,48 points when I started the operation. No even close to 240. Why is that?
With those points I make so bad cheese that I havent sold a single gram of cheese, despite the fact that I have been on markets every damn tuesday.

I have kept calculations on how much milk I have converted to cheese. The amount of milk is now 2522litres. So I have made a nice amount of 252kg of cheese, wich no one buys.

With that amount, my cheesemaking stats have risen only 0,13 points. ONLY!! It will take me 3 years (real time) to get so good cheese that someone buys in markets.

Please admins, can you take a look of cheese dairys programming, and chance a bit of this? Or make it better. This does not make any sence now, I am just wasting my money when I put milk to cheese. I wasted huge money already then when I builded the building and I have not gotten a single euro of profit.
Thanks alot.

Does everynbody else have these kind of problems too? or is it just me?
ROBOUK 06/02/2010 à 12H58
oh crap, i was thinking of trying to set up a herd of sheep or dairy cattle for a cheese dairy but il think i will wait til this is answered

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JOUEUR_15101_6 06/02/2010 à 18H33
How much are you trying to sell your cheese for and what are the market stats? Size/Money/Consumption..

I did take the training, started out around 300, 1 1/2 SA years ago, and now I'm only up to 311.75. But I can still sell my cheese at most markets for $9/Kilo and have been able to since the beginning.
JOUEUR_22301_2 07/02/2010 à 13H30
There is no such thing as an activity that doesn't bring money in the game sorry, maybe you are doing something wrong. Read the game rules, talk to cheese farmers, make sure you do everything right. As for the stat progression, you do have a small production so your progression is quite small, if we raised the progression rate, the largest cheese dairies would be maxed quite quickly and would claim a loss ingame fun. We do have to balance things, I am sure you understand.
JOUEUR_124611_2 08/02/2010 à 11H12
Domaine: Yes I understand that thing :) If everything would happen at once, there would not be any kind of fun more. And I have read the rules, many times, but maybe once more is not so bad.

Alikat: I am trying to sell cheese on a market that has every stats full. I tried very dofferent prices to cheese, but it does not sell even in 0.01 per kg.

I have 100%hygienie, and I maintain my dairy every week (month) but I still do not get so good cheese.

Perhaps it is my milk Quality? Cow milk's quality is 37.49/100 and is from 9 animals. Ewe milk's quality is 31.56/100 and is from 35 animals.

I now have tried to get better MQ but it takes time..
JOUEUR_124611_2 08/02/2013 à 12H52
Still, after three years of making cheese and going to markets nearly every saturday and sunday, I haven't sold a single gram of cheese..

What am I doing wrong?
JOUEUR_70115_6 03/04/2015 à 15H55
hmm i wonder what your milk quality is now after 3 years of breeding or buying better cows it would be educational of you to share  if you like


 dairy cows photo:  Cow_eats-1.gif

JOUEUR_124611_2 29/07/2015 à 09H43
Sorry for the grea delay!
My original problem of selling cheese was that I tried to sell too cheap cheese :D
If you put your price to 9-11¤ you will sell everything :)

Now, After I have played this game about 8 real years, my milks stats are:
Cow: 53.49/100 and is from 83 animals
Goat: 63.4/100 and is from 46 animals
Sheep: 55.28/100 and is from 80 animals.
I have been bored to hell with this game a long time, so I have tried to keep everything small and simple :)
JOUEUR_71193_6 22/02/2016 à 17H07
I too just started cheese making about 3 months [sim time] ago..and after reading this on what to sell the cheese at the markets have sold almost everything each time at question is how high can raise cheese prices even after gaining few extra cheese making points and also wing few gold medals at show??
example is goat chesse..after winning gold in latest show...tryied to raise selling price a little above 11$ to like 15-20$ but with no luck..soon dropped back to 9-11$ sold all like question is the 9-11$ the max on selling price at the markets??..also was just wondering when I upgrade to cheese factory and sell directly to Sim wonder if selling price also gets better??

thanks for any input..........Sungrown


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