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Transport issues

Sujet posté le 02/08/2017 à 16H55 par joueur_74806_6
JOUEUR_74806_6 02/08/2017 à 16H55

    Hello fellow farmers. This is my first transport request and I am having an issue with getting something transported to my farm. I have the order, select a transport company and then the status says something like "Waiting for transport company response" I am either missing their response or am not getting one because the next thing I know is that it is reset and I have to go through the process again. I have done this twice.  I know this is easy but I have not done it before and am needing some help. Any light shed on this subject would be appreciated. I am in charge of logistics for the farm and my boss (also me) is getting frustrated that I can't get goods to the farm. Thanks in advance.


HAUULA 02/08/2017 à 20H38


What kind of good did you buy (tractor, seedlings, animal food, etc.)and where did you buy it (other player, cooperative, etc.)?


FARMERBERNIE 02/08/2017 à 23H59

Are you picking the same transporter for both times? It's possible they are cancelling the order on their end. As previous post states any additional specifics should help to solve this question.

JOUEUR_74806_6 03/08/2017 à 17H34

I bought 1 ton of Triticale from COLORADO COOP and have tried several
different companies to transport it to Nebraska. The current one is
saying "waiting for approval from XXXXXX" Maybe they are canceling the
order, I don't know. I have never heard back from any of them unless I
am just missing seeing that.

FARMERBERNIE 05/08/2017 à 07H43

Any luck yet in getting your Triticale transported? I have had good luck with transporters in the Center region. Usually receive 2-3+ proposals and after selecting one, the wait is not very long before they accept and transport. Sorry this has become a frustration. Would it just be easier to take your tipper trailer to the coop and pick it up yourself in this case?

JOUEUR_74806_6 08/08/2017 à 18H17

Well, it so happened that I got tired of waiting for someone else to get it delivered so I bought a larger van to do it myself. Now my order is waiting for me to deliver it and I have no idea how to get that done. Good thing I am trying to get this to the farm before I bought the chickens. I could not get anyone to bite on getting it delivered.

JOUEUR_74806_6 09/08/2017 à 16H57

Hello all. Can anyone tell me how to get my own delivery? The message says "Waiting for delivery by (myself)". I don't know what to do next.  thanks.

FARMERBERNIE 13/08/2017 à 06H58

You will not be able to deliver this in a van. It will require a tipper trailer and tractor to pickup at the coop (single bag of money icon). If you're attempting to transport yourself via a truck (truck and money bag icon) it will require a semi-tractor and semi tipper trailer and a driver and a transport license that allows you to transport only for yourself and not for others. PM me in game and I will recommend a couple of good transport contractors in the center region who will be able to do the transport for you or walk you through the process. I would like to see you get your products.


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