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Selling fruit

Sujet posté le 03/07/2012 à 16H16 par joueur_45093_6
JOUEUR_45093_6 03/07/2012 à 16H16
Is anyone else experiancing low sales of fruit on the market? I have markets I go to that I have been going to for a long time and cannot seem to sell more than 25kg of each fruit type at any one. The amount sold does not seem to be increasing as time goes by either.

I can sell hundreds of kg of veggies (incuding strawberries) at these markets, but not fruit.
JOUEUR_42275_6 19/07/2012 à 05H50 19/07/2012 à 16H32
I have been having the same experience trying to sell fruit harvests at the market. Very low quantities of fruit being sold on established markets. First year for selling fruit harvests though.

FARMERBERNIE 28/07/2017 à 23H37

Yeah this hasn't changed. Low fruit sales still a problem. Considering that fruit is only available for a couple of SimAgri months, you would think the demand would be high, but it is not. Price is fixed and sales volumes inexplicably low. Might as well take some to sell if you're going to market, but do not plan on it as a significant sales opportunity and not worth going with fruit only and wasting euros on a market fee and using AP. Can't cover your costs with just fruit.

FARMERBERNIE 27/01/2018 à 00H00
Good news! They have responded and increased the demand for fruit at the market(s). Have been able to sell considerable more in the last couple weeks (SA Months) than before. Definitely worth setting up a stand and selling. They also commented that bringing variety to markets is a good idea too. Apparently customers like choices.  This has encouraged me to try some market gardening to see what that is like.  Thanks for the improvement SimAgri.
FARMER PAUL 18/02/2018 à 14H13

That's great Bernie.  I joined last year and tried market gardening right from the start, I had to give up because it seemed impossible to make a profit after the extremely high labour costs you can't seem to get around.  I'm trying again with a different strategy and want to try growing fruit in the future so this is useful to know, thanks.


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