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"aide simagri" on the downloads space

Sujet posté le 10/02/2008 à 22H18 par EARL LARROUQUETTE
RINGLE 27/07/2011 à 19H50
Hi earl.

I think I know what the problem was, I cant seem to find a normal excel anywhere that I dont have to pay for, so I found a program that is called excel viewer and that dont work the same way as the normal version.

But I will start using your program as soon as I get a normal version of excel :)
ALIKAT 28/07/2011 à 06H51
I have not tried it yet, but, you may try using LibreOffice It is free and the older version (OpenOffice) worked alright with the file.
EARL LARROUQUETTE (VIP) 28/07/2011 à 17H32
as ALIKAT says, I don't know LibreOffice, but some french players use my file with OpenOffice... so should be OK too with LibreOffice... and it's free

aide simagri: en français :ICI
For english people :HERE
SIMAGRIHACKED 27/08/2017 à 18H49

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FAARAMIN 10/08/2019 à 14H33 10/08/2019 à 14H34


here are some news about the version V9.0

Due of many things (admin busies with programming the garden and in
their personal life, due of some bugs remarqued on some of the new
parts...), the file is still in stand by... but I decided it!

Since the last post on this topic, the new show happened, so I'll add the last and new equipments and fix the bugs I've found...
There will be nothing about garden on this version! Maybe
I'll do a brief page about it on the next version, but not sure... so
keep the pdf files that RAMSES did and posted in the "simagri newspaper"
we receive on every week

Unfortunally, doing this file needs time... and as the admins, I
have a life out of simagri... and I don't think so that I'll be able to
close the file before beginning of may 2019...

Sorry for the late, but... that's the life!

For the people who couldn't wait, it's possible to send me your email adress, by MP-live, then I'll send you the file in his actual state, so without the last equipments, and still with some bugs.

Bon jeu à tou(te)s!

طراحی سایت میزبانی سایت میزبانی وب هاست لوازم یدکی ال 90 طراحی سایت شرکتی لوازم یدکی مگان سئوسایت ثبت دامنه طراحی سایت فروشگاهی طراحی سایت ارزان


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