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Operating Cost of picking up bales and unloading at coop is WAY TO HIGH to make money in FWF

Sujet posté le 01/05/2020 à 15H12 par CALEDONIA
CALEDONIA 01/05/2020 à 15H12

I tried to haul bales in for a customer today (fwf) and wow

the job payed $1500 

BUT used well over 200 ap plus fuel plus $110 for second driver

so I am guessing a full cost to me at almost $2500 but the job only pays $1500

everything works good and is on track to make money -

  hire a second driver - good

  drive to job - good

  collect bales - good

  BUT THEN unload bales at coop - BAD

it takes WAY TO MANY AP's to unload bales

I am using the largest trailer possable

I am charging the largest amount it allowes and I am losing money at that price because of the unload cost

Did I do something wrong?    I tried different coop's and same result


CALEDONIA 01/05/2020 à 15H26


to add insult to injury

I see I used up a HUGE amount of AP's on my tractors and trailer just to do 3 jobs that payed $4000

so I am thinking final cost is well past $3000 maybe 3500 per job

Ouch    I am glad I quit and rejected the rest of the fields  (I hate leaving a job not finished)

Charging 1.9 for bale pick up is not enough


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