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Forums are a place for the SimAgri community to exchange ideas, strategies, etc... Make a good use of them ;)

. They are under the french legislation. Messages with racist content, insults, hacking requests and all messages encouraging these practices or committing offences, links to sites with adult content or offending youth's sensitivity as well as excessive advertising are forbidden.

Read the chart and accept it

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. his profile, visible by all, allows the players to know more about you.

SimAgri administrators :

. Domaine d'Ethan
. Quentin35
. Ramses35
. Venturi

Principle of moderation :

On SimAgri forums, everyone can actively moderate and contribute to the forum atmosphere.

Everyone can send an alert about every topic or message. If several players send the same alert about a message, the message will be considered as "moderated" and it will be removed from the forum (except for messages posted in the wrong forum). Admins can, if they judge so, disapprove a moderation and make the message visible again.

To encourage people posting in the good forum and to moderate properly, a system of reputation points has been implemented. Those points are visible on your people's profile. Above 1 000 points, players are given access to the VIP forum.

How to earn points :
- by posting on the forums, to "thanks" the player for being active (1 point by message written) ;
- by moderating messages (10 points by approved moderation).

How to lose points :
- by being moderated (10 points per moderated message, 100 for rudeness or non-respect of the SIMAGRI charte) ;
- By moderating abusively, meaning when your moderation is disapproved by an admin (10 points by disapproved moderation and loss of the moderation points earned previously).

Players with a bad reputation are easily identified and can be banned by admins if deemed necessary for the forums "sake".

How to post properly and make forums nicer :
- by abiding by the SIMAGRI charte ;
- by not doing ads about your farm, your secondary activities, by not spamming, by not posting pointless messages (use the chitchat forum), by respecting topic subjects ;
- by not using SMS language and writing in a readable way ;
- by doing search on forums before writing a post to avoid asking the same questions again and again, by posting in a unique topic (if one does exist) to centralise all information ;
- by not mixing up forums and hotline (hotline is for problem with your farm only requiring admin help) ;
- by posting your message in the right forum and right category.

To be able to moderate, here are some requisites :
- to be identified on the forum ;
- to have a simpass ;
- not having been banned from the forum ;
- to have a positive reputation (above 0).
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